What to expect during a bra fitting

Come in for a bra fitting and leave as a new woman

When was the last time you had a bra fitting? Approximately 80% of women are in the wrong size bra, with many never having had a bra fitting before. A perfectly fitted bra will not only do wonders for your self-confidence, but makes such a difference to your posture and shape. It’s the foundation to any outfit and you can even drop a dress size! So, if you’ve never had a bra fitting before, or another one is well over due, then please pop in and see us in our little boutique in Dorking, Surrey – we are here to help!

Revealing all

A worry that puts most women off going for a fitting is the idea they will have to get semi-naked.  We will never ask you to do that! One of our expert fitters will take you into the changing room and ask you to take your top off and leave your current bra on, whist they wait outside. When you are ready, we will come back in and assess the fit of your bra and go from there. Also, please don’t fret about the condition of your bra, whether you’ve got matching knickers on or self-conscious in anyway at all – it honestly doesn’t even register on our radar!

Good riddance tape measures!

When it comes to determining your size, we always tend to fit by eye, making sure the band is firm and your boobs are perfectly positioned within the cups. It is a ‘fitting’ service as opposed to ‘measuring’ as every bra varies between brands, styles and even colour!

Let’s not get physical

Once we determine what shape/style of bra would suit you best, we will handpick a selection from the shop floor and bring them back to you in the changing room. At this point, we can either stay with you or easily wait outside and expertly check the fit of the bra once you have it on. We hear so many horror stories about being ‘manhandled’ into your bra, but this is most definitely  not our style and  promise to treat you with respect at all times!

Size doesn’t matter

Please don’t get fixated on the size we put you in. It’s so important to stay open-minded when it comes to a bra fitting and don’t worry if your size changes – after all it’s only a number and a letter. You wouldn’t be worried if you went from a size 4 to 5 in shoes, so why are bras any different? It’s all about what gives you the best shape and feels most comfortable.


We guarantee that a perfectly fitted bra will not only change the way you look, but the way you feel too. So, please pop in and see us in store, no appointment necessary!

We look forward to seeing you! Vanessa & Victoria xx