Bra Fitting Service

At Victoria’s Little Bra Shop we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect fitting bra.

According to figures approximately 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. Whether you’re looking for an everyday bra or something a bit more special, finally finding a bra that fits well can give smaller busts a fuller shape, dramatically relieve pressure on the back, and help define your bust from your waist. A correctly fitted bra is crucial for showcasing any outfit, can boost your confidence and has even been known to drop a dress size!

As our bodies change all the time and your bra size can differ depending on the brand, we recommend a professional fitting at least every six months. In our experience, we believe the best way to find a perfectly fitting bra is to try on different size ranges and styles to determine what feels comfortable and gives the best shape.


Below are some of Victoria’s secret tips on checking the fit of your current bra:

If the band is riding up your back this indicates that the band size is too big, therefore meaning the weight of the breasts is on the straps and thus pulling on your shoulders. Try going down a band size and up in the cup (the cup sizes will be the same, but the band will be firmer) e.g. if you usually wear a 34B, try a 32C.

Secondly the centre front of your bra should sit flat against your body and the wire should not dig in to your bust. If either of these are apparent then the cup size is too small, try going up a cup size or two.

Bra not fitting quite right? Or just fancy something new? Why not pop in and see us for a full fitting in our boudoir and check out our range of gorgeous lingerie.