What is the correct way of putting on a bra?

Lean forward and allow your breasts to fall naturally into the bra and fasten the bra on the loosest hook and eye position. Scoop your breasts into the bra with your hand until it’s satisfactorily in the cup. Then tug downwards on the band at the back, ensuring that the line of the bra is horizontal from front to back. Make sure that the straps aren’t digging in on the shoulders; you should be able to lift them up about in inch.

My bra is riding up at the back, what does this mean?

This normally indicates that the bra band is too big and is therefore not firmly anchored around the body. We suggest going down a band size and up in the cup (the cup sizes will be the same, but the band will be firmer) e.g. if you usually wear a 34B, try a 32C.

My breasts are squeezed out of the cups and I seem to have a ‘double bust’ effect, what should I do?

Overspill in the cup demonstrates that the cup size is too small, try going up a cup size or two.

How should my bra feel?

A bra should feel snug, especially for the first few wears. A majority of the support comes from the band and therefore needs to be firm. Bras loosen up when you wear them so they need to be firm at the beginning to make them last longer!

I’m very small busted, do I really need to wear a bra?

Yes. Even small breasts need tissue and muscle support, there are also a range of lightly padded bras which give a natural shaping to your breasts and create a cleavage.

How do I care for my bra?

To get the most out of your lingerie, always hand wash it in a mild detergent. We recommend Soak Wash as it’s a rinse-free, environmentally friendly product. As it’s made from plant derived and renewable ingredients, Soak is as gentle on the plant as it is on your lingerie. There’s also no endless rinsing, dirt and oils are trapped in the water and pulled away from your garment.